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Charging Reinvented

KOMODO Snap Charger

Magnetically Auto Connects | Sleek Design | Super Fast Charging | LED Indicator Light | Military Strength Nylon Cable | Prevents Overcharging

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  • Magnetic Auto Connect

    The Komodo Snap Magnetic Cable will easily snap in to place - with "yank-resistant" features. You can take this cable anywhere you go without the worry of your phone slipping loose. Bring the cable close to the phone and it will automatically connect!

  • Supports 2.4A to speed up charge by 40%

    Isn't it a buzzkill to have to wait about 3 hours, on average, to fully charge your phone? Of course it is. Reduce that time by 40%, about an hour, with this cable and a 2.4A charger.

  • Military Strength Braided Nylon Cable

    Most cables you buy will break due to pulling on the cord too hard or for too long, causing the plastic to tear. The nylon we use is the solution to that problem. It is soft and sleek looking but virtually indestructible. No more dangerous exposed wires showing from wripped cables.

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What devices do you support?

Every Device! We have cables available for all smartphone and tablet platforms ranging from Apple iPhones to Samsung Galaxy's to even any tablet. We have 3 connectors to choose from: Apple Lightning, Micro Usb, and USB Type-C. The cables are also universal so that any of our cables can connect to any of our connectors!

How strong is the magnet?

Very Strong! The magnetic charger is made out of high quality neodymium magnets. This means that if you bring the cable a couple inches away from your phone it will still snap into place! The magnet is so strong that you can even lift your phone upside down with the magnet!

Does it really charge faster?

Yes! The Komodo Snap Cable is equipped to support up to 2.4A of charging. This is 40% faster than traditional charging cables saving you more than an hour in charge time. All you need for a faster charge is a usb port that can support 2.4A and you are good to go!

What makes the charger so durable?

The charger is made with high end aluminum alloy as well as military strength braided nylon cable. The Komodo Snap cable has a "pull and plug" lifetime of 10,000 times making it 3 times stronger than any charger.

What does the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Cover?

At Komodo we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality products. We believe in our products so much that if you experience any issues or defects we will give you a full refund or just send you a new one!

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