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Komodo Snap Magnetic Charger

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Komodo Snap Magnetic Charger - Charging Reinvented.

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Make charging your phone easier than ever.

Just plug the connector to your phone and bring the cable close. The magnets will automatically find their way to connect!

Make your life easier with the Komodo Snap:

 Install the connector in less than 1 second. No tools. No screws. No hassle. Just push the connector into your phone and your done! Don't worry about taking the connector out, it actually protects your phone from dust and drop of water!
✔ Magnetically connect your charger. The cable has high strength neodymium magnets meaning all you have to do is bring the cable close and it will automatically find its way to the port!
✔ Reversible. Never worry again about what side to connect the cable into. The magnets will connect and charge your phone on any side. Your welcome :)
✔ LED Indicator light. We know finding and connecting your charger at night is hard. Thats why we put an LED light on the cable to make it easier to find and connect!
 Super Fast Charging. Who doesn't love to have their phone charge fast. Our cable supports up to 2.4A which means 40% faster than normal cables!

Included With Your Order:

  • 1 Connector For Your Device
  • 1 3Ft Magnetic Cable

Watch our video below to see the Komodo Snap Cable in action: